MBFW RUSSIA /October 22, 2017 / Moscow. Day two.


Provided by MTS company, Generation M is a digital platform that supports talents coming from different fields of knowledge. As part of a joint project by the Russian Fashion Council and MTS company young winners of the Fashion Generation M online contest presented their first collections. The winners were chosen among more than 4,000 participants from…


Provided by MTS company, Generation M is a digital platform that supports talents coming from different fields of knowledge. As part of a joint project by the Russian Fashion Council and MTS company young winners of the Fashion Generation M online contest presented their first collections. The winners were chosen among more than 4,000 participants from all over the country. For several months under the guidance of the project's mentors, SLAVA ZAITSEV, IGOR GULYAEV and Dasha Gauser, they have been creating their collections at the fashion houses.

Ekaterina Balueva brought together daring decolette, short skirts and asymmetrical cut with black-and-white palette typically used in conservative style clothing. Of course, not the entire collection was monochrome. A student of Dasha Gauser (known for her vibrant collections with elements of Mendeleev's periodic table and pop art themes), she created a red dress with voluptuous decorative net elements (it seems to be the new trend recurring from show to show), as well as two metallic indigo pant suits.

Anastasia Sitdikova with her mentor Igor Gulyaev employed sophisticated fabrics (velvet, silk, silver metallic organza) in combination with 3D geometrical appliqué, puffed sleeves, flounces and chains.  The ultimate futurism. The look of the collection's mentor was enhanced by accessories like silver belts, chains and chokers.

Under the guidance of Vyacheslav Zaytsev Vadim Fomin presented his collection of evening gowns decorated with lacework and network fabric with print and embroidery. Unusual sets of men's jackets in combination with bell skirts were also showcased. The color palette was dominated by black. Accessories are earrings and strings of beads.


Designer Kristina Kibovskaya invented a 'time machine' and took the show's audience to the times when kids were wearing puff dresses. More familiar modern sets were also displayed, such as tights with tops and net skirts. Among the prints were flower themes with poppies, roses and sakura. Colors: red, black, khaki, grey, powder, white. Accessory: a pillbox hat.Specially for the show PABLOSKY, a kids footwear manufacturer with 40-year history, handmade patent-leather boots with metallic glitter and 'reptile' effect of different colors, as well as glitter shoes, velvet ballet shoes and vibrant colored sneakers.






A young kids fashion brand presented its collection for four seasons. Outwear, sweaters, caps, hoodies with #я_не_сладкая and #я_не сладкий (#I_am_no_sweety) inscriptions highlighted the first part of the show. Next came summer blouses, jumpers and dress in the shades of turquoise, pink and yellow. Flowers were the main decorative element of the second part of the runway show. As the event finale was a line of party dresses for kids featuring embroidery, flounces, hoops, multilayer skirts and glittering embroidery shaped as swallows and flowers.


IVANOVA brand presented L'AIRte collection. As a contrast to the last season's show titled Young Lady/Hooligan Yulia created light looks for seaside walks: midi tunics, oversize combinations, pleated skirts and spacious shirts, which is the basic garment of the brand repeated from season to season.

The spring mood is reflected via shades of turquoise, beige and white with green flowers and checked patterns in prints. Unorthodox mixture of materials and textures should also be noted: cotton shirts with net skirts and linen pants. Sandals for footwear.


In the new season, Vadim Merlis went for an experiment. The foundation of his previous collections has always been clothing in retro romantic style. Part of the current collection is designed in line with Sporty Chic trend: hoodies and T-shirts are combined with silvery and golden eco leather skirts. Male tracksuits are suddenly made of red velvet while T-shorts have leather sleeves.  Stripes and plaid come along with bright ribbon belts. Total look features ultra short male shorts in fuchsia, which is the absolute major color of the collection. Dense multicolored tights, bright fancy flounces - all describe new collection from VADIM MERLIS.


Russian Arctic project sets the goal to promote eco-friendly and ethical clothes in Russia. Designers of the brand ONLY ME presented a collection of outwear made of eco furs. Among the highlights of the collection were coats with the floral print, half-length coats, jackets with eco-fur inserts and vests. New collection from Natalya Gaydarzhi is made of linen. There are maxi skirts, dresses and loose gowns for women and shirts, trousers and straight-cut coats for men. Plus, the felt boots were demonstrated on the runway. The catwalk was totally dominated by the Russian style with accordion, folk dancing and roundelay.







TAMTA (Georgia)

The collection featured black midi dress with dense tights and lengthy jacket adorned with stones on shoulders; jersey turtleneck worn under the red suit; grey glitter. The model walked the runway wearing turquoise turtleneck and black belled skirt with the rings on the hem, a camera fixed on her chest. TAMTA openly declares that her style is not about femininity; her collections constantly include steel inserts and footwear with solid protectors. The catwalk could not do without wild accessories: knee-high boots, cropped thigh-high stockings boots, clutches in various shapes and colors.


Goga Nikabadze carried the audience over to a sunny Georgian garden. Projectors filled the space with the green light. The background bird singing switched to thunder and lightning and finally to Nino Katamadze singing. Catwalk production was perfectly aligned with the music background. First on the runway was the total white look. As the melody intensified and grew deeper, the diversity of colors in the palette grew along: shade of pale yellow, creamy, sky-blue and lavender. Female looks featured dresses with flowing loose sleeves, jumpsuits, lace tees, silk gowns while among the male looks were lengthy tunics, knitted polo-neck sweaters, and shirts with the vests. The show was closed by an old-aged model wearing high-necked dress and holding the book Love Story.


Russian phrase which is translated into English as 'I am not going to sleep' was scattered around the envelope clutches in the new collection from Yulia Nikolaeva. The colors spoke in white, grey and black. The fabrics showcased rustic linen and cotton. Bright accents of the collection were cornflower-blue turtleneck and net dress. Prints portrayed circles and classy stripe. MUAH: Plaits. Strobing with distinctive highlighter on the cheekbones. Footwear: flat sandals.


Designer Artem Shumov works in Shanghai. In the new season, he became a character of MBFW Russia Series; in Fashion Series episode he shared that his first dress, designed and tailored, was for a Barbie doll that belonged to a girl he fell in love at the age of 4. Now Artem Shumov is designer of male wear.

The show was opened by the red look designed with a special purpose as part of the project Russian Designers against AIDS. The runway filled with Oriental hues, simple shapes and lengthy silhouettes. Everyone took notice of unconventional shirts with open details and jackets worn above the naked torsos of models. Yellow and red socks, signature Shumov's element, were also on the runway.





Bright colors, plenty of red, and dynamic presentation. Anastasia Dokuchaeva supported the project Russian Designers against AIDS, too, having created a red velvet pencil dress that inaugurated the show. Further, there were male samite costumes with oriental patterns; female fur mantua combined with satin pants; fuchsia, turquoise stripes, blue cloaks made of metalized fabric, floaty organza on skirt hems; mule shoes for men and velvet over-the-knee boots for women. The brand’s philosophy is providing the wow-effect and shifting the focus to human subjects. By all means, the collection managed to attain these objectives.


Yuri Pitenin’s brand SAINT-TOKYO from St. Petersburg closed Day 2. Working on his collection Explore Mars, he found inspiration in a space unseen of a common girl. Far off at Mars she lives a live that is so different from the one at our Earth. Here were contrasting colors, cutouts and materials. Asymmetric cutouts, dresses with floral prints, black ribbons, and fringes are traditional for this brand. The first look presented by SAINT-TOKYO was also intended to support the project Russian Designers against AIDS supported by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (MBFW Russia) and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

Presentation of  IGOR YORK

Specially for MBFW Russia, designer Igor York created backpacks with the Fashion Week logos. These exclusive backpacks were disposed off by lottery in the social media before the 35th season started. Today, Igor presented his brand’s collection of bags. Since 2011, he has been making hand-made exclusive male and female bags, brief cases, clutches, tablet bags, belts, portemonaie, and banknote holders. The brand’s DNA is minimalistic curves and all the natural materials.