Zalina Verkhovskaya presented its new look-book

Participant of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Zalina Verkhovskaya presented its new look-book.

Once denim was used for tailoring work wear, later rebellious youngsters chose denim, now it has practically become classics. Jean fabric perfectly holds the shape at the same time softening harshness of the lines. Denim shirt-dress is a nice and neat option for females who want to be in line with contemporary world and remain elegant. One can wear this piece of apparel loosely or with the belt, changing the look every time with the help of different accessories.

Bell-bottom is another universal denim piece if you match it correctly: the new look-book by Zalina Verkhovskaya offers airy see-through tunics that underline the beauty of textures or stiff denim jackets, which create the entire denim outfit. Say, denim is not you perfect fabric, there is number of other options: silk shirt-dresses, classic drain pipe pants or transformer pants, maxi skirts or mini shorts. Flowing folds and frills are mixed with straight shapes, thus adding some charm to the looks. Colours are also chosen to be universal: pastel, classic black and dark denim.