Alena Akhmadullina has first presented Resort capsule

Alena Akhmadullina brand first presents Resort capsule

Alena Akhmadullina brand first presents Resort capsule, which was inspired by a Russian fairytale “Sadko”, and, primarily, by the topic of sea power and underwater world expressed in it. The image of a wave has become the key one: wavelike lines form the basis of the clothes cut, décor and designer prints by Alena Akhmadullina. 

The collection includes items made of fur, varying from laconic mink and caracul coats in classical technique to complicated items in a technique of insertion with different directions of fur stripes and “mosaic” – combining of fur with different texture to form sculpture waves. The idea of a wave follows a pure line through the whole color palette of the collection, which is comprised of blue shades – classical navy and light-bright blue, light blue, grey, water color, as well as pink, white and brand classical dark-green.

 The accessories line is presented by evening “pearl”-clutches from pearl and transparent plastic, sack-bags with a handle in a form of an element, which looks like a shell, sunglasses with “waves” on their headbands.