Collection of Alena Akhmadullina for Barbie® will be demonstrated at MBFWRussia!

Famous Barbie® doll has long turned into real classic and continues to inspire fashion designers all over the world. This season the well-known Russian designer Alena Akhmadullin has designed the exclusive collection for Barbie®.

Capsule collection of Alena Akhmadullina for Barbie® will be demonstrated within the official program of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia FW 15/16.

Collection reflects the original vision of the designer inspired by Barbie® style from the latest collection Barbie® Fashionistas. These 23 dolls with different faces, face complexion and hair style inspire millions of girls from around the world to find their personal unique style.

Collection will include 25 looks: 20 for females and 5 for girls.

As Alena Akhmadullina noted: ‘For me designing the collection for Barbie® is the unique opportunity to work with the legendary brand and interesting designer task: present my vision of the trendy, feminine image through the lens of famous Barbie® style. Femininity has always been the key theme in Alena Akhmadullina collections. I had the concept for Alena Akhmadullina for Barbie® collection right away: flowers collected from different continents play the role of various manifestations of the beauty.’

Alena Akhmadullina for Barbie® collection was inspired by the delicate and romantic image of Barbie® Fashionistas that is reflected in flowers blossoming on fabrics. The large floral print highlights the femininity and elegance of the main character of the collection. Incredible tulips, peonies, irises and orchids bloom on cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Their magnificent variety goes right in line with the constantly changing Barbie® style.

Designer uses semi-transparent fabrics and exquisite embroidery that add the recognizable hallmark of the brand to the collection. Part of garments includes delicate interpretation of one of the symbolic signs – Barbie® profile which is featured by embroidered decorative elements and original clutches of golden leather.