Collection Spring-Summer 2016 by ZDDZ London was called Help Yourself

In her new work designer of ZDDZ London brand, Dasha Selyanova, ponders on the subject of teenage depression and the ways to overcome it.

In the core of the collection Help Yourself that ZDDZ London will be demonstrating at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Season Spring-Summer ’16 is the fictional antidepressant Zonax and young clubbers that take it. Slogans on the jackets, dresses and T-shirts – Sleep Better Live Better, Love Your Nervous System – are borrowed from the advertising campaigns of American antidepressants from 1970s, from those times when people still had the belief that medicine can provide for the happy future. The key message however is completely the opposite: one should not rely on medicine in solving personal problems; the only person who can help you is you.

 Major elements of the collection are brand’s special garments: loose anoraks, bombers and lengthy straight shirts. Crispy, almost oversize silhouettes work on the contrast with semi-transparent net fabric and flexible crop-tops that create the look of teenage sexuality, bashful but with no fears. Slim black knee- length shorts remind of the uniform of Techno clubbers from 90s. Jacket from the pale-pink solid denim with torn shoulders and jersey dress with choker is the perfect uniform for new femininity in the times of unisex. Help Yourself is a very personal collection which means that it is about everyone of us.