Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week at MBFW Russia

The biggest fashion week in Asia Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week has delegated its most striking representative NE•TIGER. to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia its most striking representative – the brand of NE•TIGER.

On the night of October 21 NE·TIGER will release its 2015/16 International Popular Fashion Trend in Russian Fashion Week, which will be held in Manège, downtown Moscow. NE·TIGER was the only Chinese fashion brand participating in this event. This year marks the 66th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia, as well as the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Fascist War of China and Russia. As a top fashion brand in China, NE·TIGER serves as the cultural ambassador between China and Russia, by presenting the extensive and profound Chinese clothing culture, which was built by the 56 ethnic groups in 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, and showing beautiful Chinese dress to Russian people and global people.

With elites in the fashion industry gathering together and by helping develop numerous professional media and fashion trends from around the world, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia has become one of the most influential fashion show platforms as well-known as those in Milan, Paris, New York and London. On the day when the show was held, NE·TIGER’s fashionable fur coats together with its Chinese-style dress made a great presentation, as if they were dancing lightly on the stage, thus impressively showing the new international fashion trend. By inheriting the brand’s noble heritage, boldly using bright colors, enriching their design layers with the joining and weaving techniques, highlighting their wearing features to a great extent and innovatively integrating multiple characteristics such as lightness and liveliness, the fur coats for this season will lead the new trend in the international fur industry. At the same time, by upholding the design concept of “connection of ancient and modern times, and integration of Chinese and Western elements” and based on the international view of Chinese culture, NE·TIGER incorporates Chinese traditional culture and modern aesthetics into its Huafu dress to show the brilliance of such a great ancient civilization. The globally well-known Chinese embroidery, the Nanjing brocade as expensive as gold and the Kesi silk called “The Greatest Cloth”, as well as Chinese traditional crafts such as knotting, paper cutting and hand painting, help show prominent Chinese style in the haute couture of NE·TIGER while becoming popular elements in the global fashion industry.

As great countries with extensive boundaries in the world, both China and Russia have a long history and a brilliant culture. Figuratively, I ChingBook of Changessaid, “Similar sounds echo one another, and the same odors merge together.” Mr. Zhang Zhifeng, brand founder and art director of NE·TIGER, said, “The Chinese national dress, or Huafu, represents the spirit of Chinese people. Nowadays, when globalization has become an inevitable trend, the 5,000-year Chinese clothing civilization not only belongs to Chinese people, but also to global people and countries. The oriental culture that carries a 5,000-year civilization, together with European culture and American culture, will lead the fashion trend in the world and enable global civilizations and fashions to keep developing and shining!”