Saint-Tokyo brand continues the theme of European and Asian diffusion

Collection Spring-Summer 2016 that Saint-Tokyo brand will be presenting at MBFW Russia reminds about the ancient Greeks and Japanese sibari.

St Petersburg brand Saint-Tokyo was established in 2012 by designer Yury Pitenin who has spent many years in Tokyo. Hence the philosophy of the brand that reflects the symbiosis of European and Asian cultures. Despite its short history, Saint-Tokyo has already been the finalists of the contest New Names in Design 2014 from the magazine and participant of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Collection Spring-Summer 2016 continues the theme of diffusion between the East and the West, reminding at the same time the garments of the ancient Greeks and the Japanese knitting technique Sibari. Draping and flowing fabrics adorned with knots and twisted ropes stand for the free thinking but at the same time symbolize the force that controls a person. The collection features the white color that is so typical for ancient times, natural fabrics prevail in the collection and create the light and comfortable impression.

This is what Yury Pitenin says about his new collection: ‘I reply to everyone who asks me about the future collection, that it is about love. You know, it’s really interesting to analyze implications of the questions to follow. Love is different to everyone, thus the questions have different emotional connotations that describe the person. Some makes statements that the new collection will be in red, someone asks at once about the gentle silhouettes and pastel colors, others simply smile softer and turn to other questions. My vision of love is transferred into the garments that I design, I think that every person will find there something personal or maybe will simply complete it with his or her personal understanding.’