First day of the 31st season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

The Opening of 31st Season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia took place on the 21st of October.

The Opening of 31st Season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia took place on the 21st of October.

Russian fashion guru SLAVA ZAITSEV traditionally opened MBFW Russia with the runway show of his new prêt-à-porter de luxe Spring-Summer 2016 collection Life Patterns. The collection featured flowing silhouettes, sharp lines, meticulously elaborated details along with ornamental, geometric and graphic patterns: apparently, the legendary designer decided to explore every possible option. Following the general strategy of dynastic development of his own brand, Slava Zaitsev included the YeZ by YEGORZAITSEV collection in his show. The fashion designer continued experimenting with military style, textured fabrics, and straight silhouettes. A fashion line inspired by circus aesthetics, with its bright colors and cheerful, festive hues, was demonstrated separately.

Yulia Ivanova and her brand IVANOVA followed with the runway show of RAPSODIA DEL MAR Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Designer’s style can be described as fusion: Yulia combines emphatically feminine silhouettes with more relaxed ones, typical for men’s outfits. The main color shades of the collection are foam-white and dark blue, the inspiration for the collection coming from Sochi resort on the coast of the Black sea.

Anna Platie’s collection was inspired by nature. It is all about slight asymmetry, soft shades, tenderness and serenity. The major fabrics are velvet, silk, and leather, and the decorations include metallic shine and hand-painted decorative elements.

The next collection on the runway was Ksenia Knyazeva's Blossom, inspired by the 70s’ records and atmosphere. Mint, lilac and pink are major shades of this light, toylike series of images. Elegant dresses, exquisite suits, combinations of denim clothes for a stylish look: the collection includes outfits suitable for a cocktail party, business negotiations, or fashionable events.

NE·TIGER runway show started with a short film on how the designer, who never hesitates to turn his ideas into reality, creates the luxurious outfits. Every dress is a reflection of Chinese culture and has magical properties. The major colors of the collection are blue, red, and white.

After that, Georgian designer Aka Nanitashvili, with her brand AKA NANITA, showcased her collection, influenced by architecture and geometry. City style is reflected in the design of the outfits and the color range: black-and-white texture fabrics, satin and transparent ones, fine prints and playful usage of vertical and horizontal lines and silhouettes.

Bright outfits by Vika Smolyanitskaya followed one another like pictures in popular cartoons, each one duplicated in two color combinations. Asymmetric dresses and skirts, bomber jackets, crop tops, and coats constitute the basis of the collection and represent an avant-garde mix. Miniskirts and swimwear are also part of the collection.

Dasha Gauser presented her Pop-Art collection, featured by playful watchwords, daring declarations, popular motives and references to Andy Warhol. Dasha works with geometric figures, ornaments and shining décor on feminine dress silhouettes.

Inspired by Hollywood and its divas, especially Ava Gardner, TONY WARD designed his Spring-Summer 2016 collection. Transparent and multi-layer fabrics, lace, organza, silk, and fine embroidery: one would want to examine every outfit in detail.

BGN styled by Alexander Rogov runway show featured combinations made of semi-transparent silk, large frills of fluttering skirts, and coquettish costumes. Flowery and lollipop jumpsuits are followed by contrasting aquamarine trouser suits and basic silk tops. Fluttering silhouette is restrained by strict sleeveless waistcoats and ribbon-ties, set off by metallic leather open-toe sandals.

ARAIDA catwalk show closed the day. Checked cotton shirt-dresses with tassels and fleeting maxi skirts with light basques create an impression of clean lines. Semi-transparent bottoms are counterbalanced with thick woolen tops and rough details like backpacks with bows and applications or quilted shoulder bags with metal chain straps.

Apart from the main shows, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia show-rooms hosted KoJewelry and Luda Nikishina brand presentations. KoJewelry founder, Olga Kenigson, presented three collections to fit every taste: CHIC (for luxury and boho-chic lovers), MAMASITA (for fashionable mothers) and SMILE (for creative and optimistic persons). The selection of items is diverse: from complex ear cuffs to lively everyday rings.

Sheepskin and woolen, houndstooth and one-color, oversized and classic overcoats by Luda Nikishina are matched with slim-cut dresses and A-form skirts with large frills made of close silk or viscose. The delicate collection’s crimson flare is a silk rowanberry-colored coat.

MBFW Russia has also seen a presentation of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s book, Youth Hotel, held in KM20 shop. On the 20th of October, on the eve of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia official opening, ESVE brand show took place. The debut collection was inspired by the ancient Russian marriage rites, as well as by the principles of traditional Japanese clothing.