Vyacheslav Zaitsev addressed the audience with environment focused speech

At the opening of the Russian Ecology Week at the Central House of Artist associated with the UN Conference on Climate Change, legendary couturier urged people to set limits for consuming nature resources for the sake of saving the planet.

Russian Ecoweek takes place from 3 to 9 December 2015 to support the speech of the President of the Russian Federation at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly and Russian delegation at the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris (COP21). Ecoweek is supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Moscow government and Moscow City Duma.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev spoke at the opening of the Russian Ecoweek in the Central House of Artist and demonstrated his eco collection under SLAVA ZAITSEV brand, thus, he showed his concern about the planet’s environment.

‘Dear friends! Colleagues, fans. Citizens of Russia, Europe, Asia, America and other continents.

You know me as designer and artist. I have always been with myself and people surrounding me.

It took me some time to make a decision and address you with this speech. Eventually I came to a conclusion that publicity goes along with responsibility and I have no right to neglect the issues that are truly important.

Our contemporary world is full of terrible events: wars, terroristic acts, inter-national conflicts and epidemics along with financial and political crisis. We discuss these events, write about them in social networks, watch on TV. But at the same time we are not aware of the most fearful disaster, the one that causes all the troubles that mount around us.

Consumption. We consume the Earth, use its goods with such greed that brought us to the edge of survival. We observe the wars but we do not want to understand that we are those reasons, maybe indirect ones, but reasons that cause the wars.

War for the resources goes on at all the frontiers – western, eastern, in cold Arctic and hot Arabian deserts.

Buying personal items, dreaming of new material goods, cars, gadgets, we, just like spoilt kids, take from the Nature the last treasures that it was saving for us.

Our cities turned into suffocating stone jungles. We do not let our children and grandchildren to go outside by themselves. There are cars everywhere. There are great number of people who lost their conscience, compassion and who can easily make a child suffer.

“I want” – this phrase seized all human feelings. Every problem of the world starts with the phrase “I want”.

I am not a young man. I have seen the world changing. I have always been working for the sake of beauty and not for tasteless affluence. And I am scared, scared for us all, for you, for the young and particularly for the children.

Today I only see hope in those people and organizations that encourage to set sensible consumption limits.

That is the reason why I take part in Russian Ecoweek. I want to support Russian delegation at the UN Convention on Climate Change and want to urge everyone who cares about our planet to do everything he or she can to reduce the harm to nature.

We all have the chance to show that beauty cane be moderate and kind to the environment.

Reasonable limits and self-control are features of a highly intelligent personality. Please reconsider your attitude to consumption.’

Vyacheslav Zaitsev