RED! New Collection of Head Wear from Lilia Fisher for New Year

New Year is approaching us with the speed of Polar Express and we are featuring New Year collections from Russian designers. Lilia Fisher knows a few secrets how to please the patroness of 2016 - the Fiery Monkey.

How to welcome the New Year so that you enjoy all coming 366 days and appreciate the gifts from the Fiery Monkey? How to please her? Contrary to popular belief, the monkey is very smart! She is spontaneous, curious and does not mind some extreme actions. She enjoys being the centre of attention. Do not forget that the Monkey is Fiery. Among her typical features are dynamic character, renewal, growth, the desire to go up, brightness and energy. Lilia Fisher knows some secrets how to please the patroness of 2016.

Let us start with the Gatsby headband. As any other headwear, the headband could be designed in any colour. We like the red. Feathers in decoration symbolize the flame that burns the old, the useless, the redundant. Goldish background of sequin will attract the wealth in the New Year. The headband itself will complete the look or will be the perfect addition to the classic little black dress. By the way, if you plan to celebrate the New Year in hot country, the headband will perfectly suit the red bikini.

If you are very precise about your New Year look and getting ready for a sophisticated party, take a glance at kokoshnik crowns that are top popular this year. Lilia Fisher is in trend as currently many other designers and happily supports the pure Russian style. As a matter of fact, this particular piece of headwear had been used up until the end of the 19th century. Kokoshnik was performed in the shape of a round shield around the head or in the shape of a hair pick, the stitched or glued cloth or thick paper wrapped in silk, satin, velvet, tinsel or red calico. Kokoshink was usually decorated by ethnic patterns, artificial or natural flowers, beads, sequin, river pearls, golden threads, foil, glass, precious stones. Of course, today kokoshnik crowns look different but they remain the smart headwear that shape the look. Kokoshnik crowns by Lilia Fisher are made of red European felt encrusted with gleaming stones. Consequently your look will surely be bright and will match the demands of 2016 patroness.

Lace crown with the stones will make any girl the queen of the New Year party. When creating this accessory the designer was inspired by the cherished character of Sex and the City - Carry Bradshow. The crown is a unique piece as it can equally match the luxurious gown as well as the classic pants suit.

If you want to attract attention, which the patroness of this year enjoys so much, Lilia Fisher recommends feather crowns. These crowns will certainly create the mood if you are desperate to have fun. Add the smile and you are ready for the party.

With a trendy headwear piece you can easily achieve the maximum resemblance with the favourite symbol of the coming year - eye veil, headbands with monkey ears. For those who decided to celebrate the New Year outside, in the nature, the warm hat with the monkey ears and a veil will be perfect. It is sweet, trendy and girlish. Warm and bright is the bonus.

Astrologists predict that the New Year will be the year of fashion flourishing, so take a risk and don't forget that the easiest way to attract attention is to wear a beautiful hat.