Vadim Merlis Brand Opened In-house Production in Moscow

Participant of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Vadim Merlis, who in summer 2015 successfully launched the second mono-brand store in Moscow, shared why he chose to open the in-house clothing manufacture right now.

Economic crisis in Russia had the negative impact on the businesses. Obviously, fashion segment is no exception. Currency fluctuation, devaluation of rouble, inflation, high rent and above all imported raw materials - payments are performed in roubles but in accordance with the currency exchange rate, all this significantly increases the cost of merchandise.

Designer Vadim Merlis thinks that economic crisis is no excuse to give up but rather a cause for further development:

' There was actually a number of reasons, and the first one that it was simply a dream but also a necessity. In two recent years Russian retail market has seen some positive dynamics. The consumer is not only ready to buy home-manufactured clothes but is turning into a brand oriented consumer. I love my clients and there is not a single accidental one. I try to come to an understanding with every client, so that he or she enjoys shopping in my stores and eventually returns for high-quality clothes that fits perfectly - for the dress from the dreams, for atmosphere. I very well understand that consumers suffer from the crisis. Currently in Russia we do not see increase in earnings and depreciation of rouble leads to logic cuts in planned expenses, consequently a client makes a choice to buy or not to buy new outfit; and I would be really happy if my clients could afford buying new things even during crisis.

On the other hand, I am not simply a designer, I am a businessman as well and I also depend on the economic situation in the country. Garments of Vadim Merlis brand were always manufactured in Moscow but I was buying fabrics and accessories in Europe and Asia, thus, I do depend on the currency exchange rates. My goal was to avoid the increase of cost and increase of the end price of garments so I made the decision to launch in-house production to reduce costs and expenses and to maintain pre-crisis prices to outfit of my brand.

Launch of production is expensive but I have seen only advantages so long. New state-of-the-art equipment will provide high quality while maintaining affordable prices. I will be able to control quality at every production stage, adjust the number of manufactured models, assure the range of garments and sizes is regularly updated, promptly manufacture orders for wholesale buyers, design capsule collections, again without increasing the cost, and most importantly, I have the team who will have the knowledge and understanding of brand's design. I hire not only experienced people but also beginners who are interested in growing and developing together with Vadim Merlis brand. We have numerous ideas and have the guts to experiment.

So, if we discuss crisis, I prefer working and thinking to whining that everything is so bad."