Speed Obsession

Mercedes-Benz continues to impress with its advertising campaigns and presents the next bright work named Obsession with an Icon. The new advertising is cosmopolitan as ever: with the new German SL roadster, Russian supermodel Natasha Poly, London designer with Japanese background Atsuko Kudo and American photographer Jeff Bark.

This international collaboration resulted in a video where unexpectedly latex played the principal decoration role. This choice, however, may seem unexpected only for those who is not familiar with the works of Atsuko Kudo who frequently applies this flexible material for designing garments for his eccentric clients - Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Kate Moss. In this new fashion video Atsuko Kudo went even further - wrapping in the intensive electric blue latex not only the beauty Natasha Poly but also the elegant model of Mercedes-Benz SL.

According to video makers it was quite an act, for instance, it took 130 square meters of manually polished latex to wrap the vehicle. In the end, the required effect was achieved and photographer Jeff Bark highlights that latex perfectly emphasized the form and three-dimensional qualities of the vehicle. While Natasha Poly in the tight jumpsuit looked just like a character of superwomen films, which she likes watching. 'I am very proud and flattered to become a member of the wonderful Mercedes-Benz family, to take part in this beautiful campaign and represent the icon car. In this costume I felt powerful, strong and sexy at the say time,' shares the top-model.

As usual, the video depicts the plot and dramatic outcome, surprising shooting location and bright acting work. Post-industrial landscape is in the camera. Lightning and the sound of the car pulling off awake the main character, extremely agitated she starts looking for a car seeing it driving away in the security camera. Natasha rushes around the abandoned building calming down only when she finally discovers her SL safe. This true obsession with the car that has turned into a sort of fashion icon that, in fact, can be comprehended by many.