Third day of the new season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Début show from Imperatrice Fashion House opened the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia; designer demonstrated a diversity of cuts for kids and teenage evening garments. The collection Golden Age referred to noble colours like creamy, pink, tea-brown and black. Glossy fabrics and transparent layers of open-mesh fabric looked stunning on cascade hems, folds and flounces. Hand-made lace and embroidery, golden sketches on white background, baggy sleeves,…

Début show from Imperatrice Fashion House opened the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia; designer demonstrated a diversity of cuts for kids and teenage evening garments. The collection Golden Age referred to noble colours like creamy, pink, tea-brown and black. Glossy fabrics and transparent layers of open-mesh fabric looked stunning on cascade hems, folds and flounces. Hand-made lace and embroidery, golden sketches on white background, baggy sleeves, chevrons, wraps and capes added some aristocracy to the looks. Additionally, collection featured rather modern outfit with top-shirts and asymmetric draping.

The next on the runway was L’EREDE with the show Opposition. The entire collection is manifestation and denial of one and the same thing - there were maxi dresses, puff flippy skirts along with the delicate details and black-and-white geometry. Glittering sequin and gems as the finishing additionally highlighted the laconic and polished collection.

It was followed by the collective show BA (HONS) FASHION that showcased the best works from the graduates of the British Higher School of Art and Design: Anastasia Belkina, Anna Efimkina, Ekaterina Abrosimova, Jien Young, Vasili Zaitova, Kirill Richter.

In the collection Office Prisoners designer Zaitova reflected the philosophy of unfreedom: moderation and hidden energy. The rich, bright, urban line from Jien Young in the collection Contemporary Nomad featured loads of inner driver - it was reflected both in bright colours and in sculptural, accurate shape of items. Bold, highly sexual collection Toxic was demonstrated by Anastasia Belkina: feminine looks featured the mixture of glamorous drama. Character of the collection has the guts to challenge the society: she is aware of her dangerous erotic appeal - sword-belts become the bright detail, element of the seductive costume.

Fundamental principles of the line Rite of Passage from designer Ekaterina Abrosimova - freedom and immediacy. It was reflected in prints, relaxed chic and elaborate neglect of every look.

Name of the collection Wrapped in Dreams from Anna Efimkina represents itself - it featured grace and fantasy, and combination of femininity with hardly noticed masculinity. Collection Glitch from Kirill Richter was the endeavour to show contemporary and unexpected look 'on the edge' - between the sin and holiness, challenge and secret.

Interesting ideas, fine implementation and a share of provocation - it's all about the best graduate works from the course Fashion Design of the British Higher School of Art and Design. Among the highlights of the current collections were graphical finishing and new visual effects. Brand B.T.M. makes an accent on individuality filled with special associations. Helen Stracta primarily employed rain-wear fabric with membrane, metallic cotton and polyurethane net while designer Elen Mock showcased the combination of various looks in which one could trace the elements of Middle East clothing. Significant feature of the collection La Levrette is the work with complicated elements while the brand o5o put historical and ethnic themes in the basics. Collection INVIN featured universal pieces of any wardrobe that combined laconic shapes and genius elegance. Eco-brand Sweetlush applies the technique of wet felting that gives birth to new textures and soft shifts. Another highlight was outwear collection from ANNA GORNOSTAEVA performed of woollen cloth and loden with mink, sable and caracul trim.

Collective show of Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion Laboratory embraced collections from several designers. Grace and sophistication - in Aerial line from Nika Shabashova, appealing tenderness in The Faraway Kingdom from Irina Kruchkova, luxury and sexuality in God Save the Queen from Kristina Shimkyavichute, peace and life in Advocat collection from Lena Burduzha, style and mystery in My Butterfly from Askamova brand, femininity in Esquisse collection from designer Galina Biryukova.

Catch the Viper from VIPERS brand is the history born in Asia. Illustrations in Oriental style and Chinese characters set the stage for the fashion show. Models glided along the catwalk, intangible like snakes in the grass, like fish in the lake or wind in the garden. Those images were translated through the colours: metal green, green stripes, gradient similar to Koi fish, sky-blue, specific for Oriental world - the combination of red and black. Sisters Vipers design basques as the Samurai costume, dress models into bombers, pants with piping and leg sleeves just like Asian schoolgirls. The collection also featured clear silhouettes with halter-neck and high-waist pants as well as more romantic garments with bishop's sleeves, low V-neck and mash-up skirts. Majority of models wore symbolic belts with green glitter as outer adornment.

VERA KOSTYURINA grasped inspiration for her Spring/Summer collection from sketches of Leon Bakst to Igor Stravinsky ballet Firebird. Colour palette of the collection refers directly to the ballet - yellow, green, orange, scarlet-red, all colours perfectly match together and make the looks very natural and organic. Feminine silhouettes, accent on the waist emphasizing the smoothness of lines come along with the transformation technique so typical to the designer.

Presentation from NAIDAL was a real hybrid of exhibition and performance. Mannequins in coats from the new collection ASBEST and other items were placed around the wooden spoons, flasks and stones and turned the space into a museum gallery. Whilst the screens showed a film about designer's creative process. Every piece from NADIAL is hand-made. This is practical and trendy apparel for travellers that keeps traces of previous adventures. Hence, come buffies, pinches, leather rain-coats combined of several leather jackets, souvenir pins and cut and dry mandalas. Accessories are right in line with the collection: patchwork wrap blankets, roomy backpacks, feedbags, belt-bags and road hats. As if actors were slowly packing for the trip at the same time thinking of new designs. Guests could also see the entire collection and lookbook performed as old-fashioned photo album.

Fashion show Big City Life from designer Anika Kerimova was arranged as the theatre performance and was devoted to the year of cinema. Models walked the catwalk while on the background the audience could enjoy pieces from Russian movies. Models entered the runway in couples showcasing family looks: elements, colours and cuts from adult collection echoed with elements from the kids collection. Metal and silver insets in female suits, malachite mesh jumpsuit, soft mixture of white and pink, trendy combination of wine colour and mustard brown - Kerimova demonstrated to the audience how the female citizen of the big city could look like: stunning, bright, dynamic but at the same time very feminine in her mundane urban life.

Fashion show from the Georgian designer GOGA NIKABADZE carried the audience into the atmosphere of the hot summer day. Swimming suits imitating the glitter of expensive metal, semi-transparent flowing cloaks for females and males wrapped the models and drew the eye. The entire collection was about challenging decisions in unusual interpretation. Hidden sexuality along with mature ideas unconsciously draw the image and detailed atmosphere of environment. Flowing dresses, high-waist shorts, light coats and two-piece male suits were performed in a fine colour range: from peachy shades to Persian green, niagara and red.

MD Mаkhmudov Djemal praised witness and beauty of Asia in his new collection. Mythological symbols could be traced in details: jewellery and prints as half-moon, dragons on leather jackets and raincoats, backs and lacing reminding of dragon's spin. Boho hats, trumpet skirts, lengthy slim-waist jackets and blouses with ascot collars were balanced by geometric wooden bags with prints from the designer. Dresses from formal line glittered like a starry night, puffy and on the contrary very slim hems went floor length, shoulders were open and waist was wrapped by a corset belt.

The day continued by the conceptual presentation from home brand ZA-ZA. On the improvised scene under the background of music beat the models demonstrated the new collection - for trendy, full of drive and brave fashionistas. Unexpected shapes, experimenting with iconic elements of the office look, It-fabrics used for the outwear - all this in the ZA_ZA collection.

Brand SORRY, I’M NOT called the Spring/Summer collection Burn the Witch! Designer Nikita Moiseenko once again approached the subject of fatal beauty, this time adorning models with the witch attributes. Medieval themes, royal livery, bloody red plastic gloss of corsets and hypnotising stripes of jumpsuits with oversize shoulders - new parade of expressive and shamelessly beautiful looks. Male jackets and shorts were adorned with tiny prints as the items of naive young princes. Transparent dresses of female witches, knee-high boots and low necks thrill and carry away behind the protective circle. 

During the day the presentation block hosted the installation HARD BOX from HSE Art and Design School. Students of art school made fashion illustration sketches and placed them on the walls of the corner. The space also served as the showroom for T-shirts themed on the grounds of collective show from HSE that took place on the first day of Fashion Week.