The second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia was opened with the show of KOMOD. Alain Nega presented her collection “Living In a Dream” giving the sense of tranquility and winging. Asymmetric floor-length dresses, exposed shoulders and low-cut necklines, basques and zephyrian translucent textures – this line of images is accomplished in somber colors: classic black, medium grey, powdery color with attractive silver accents.

 The evening gowns from «Flying Butterfly Collection» by Anastasia Mishina were all covered with butterflies, a well-known symbol of rebirth, reincarnation and freedom. All dresses were made of pieces of fabric that smoothly transformed into peculiar trendy images.
Femininity, elegancy and pageantry – this is all about the collection by BLUE JASMINE. The dresses both in shape and color reminded of morning rosebuds. The tenderness of the gowns was emphasized by translucent sleeves and veiling cascade skirts that advantaged in contrast with asymmetric jackets and heavy flower-embroidered dress trains. Boys were offered checked slacks with single color shirts and hats.
The women’s collection BGN styled by Alexandr Rogov is non-pretentious casual  in restrained colors, without eye-catching or loud accessories. The collection included both formal images and cocktail and promenade gowns. Girls choosing BGN parlays individuality and comfort.
Fall/Winter 2017/18 by IVANOVA “The Lady / The Hooligan” embodies the ambiguity of the modern woman’s nature. The designer gallantly experiments with shapes and textures, and plays with various fabrics – moreen, tweed, knitted jersey and silk are used to create elegant shapes retaining the illusion of softness and lightness. The designer uses neutral shades of gray with some pink and jade.
The brand of wedding dresses Speranza Couture by NADEZDA YUSUPOVA presented transparent zephyrian dresses embroidered with crystals and laced flakes. This time the designer turned to tales of the East. She chose the shades of precious stones to color her collection up – amethysts, topazes, sapphires, morganites and diamonds. All the lines are traced with so much love to a woman’s body and the charming effect it provides on her chosen one. Low-cut necklines beautifully emphasize back and decolette zones, and trumpet skirts accent thighs and slim wastes. The ensemble is completed with luxurous embroidered trains. Novel and up-to-date images carry on the subject of eternal charm of love that inspires Nadezda.
Ksenia Knyazeva was inspired by female omnitude. The hero of her collection, Jeanne d’Arc, embodied fragility and belligerency, transparency and enigma. This combination was presented in minimalistic slim-fit dresses, sweatshirts and wrapper coats finished with feathers and decorated with embroidered roosters. Formal long vests and culottes ensembles were attenuated with scandalous shirts, sword-knots, lacing and fishnet tights, adding some Gothics into the image. The Medieval theme was supported by aquarelle floral elements reminding of tinted glass.
Julia Dalakian presented her magical collection hypnotizing with its modest shimmering radiance. Deep copper and radiant metallic were complemented with paillettes and insolent inclusions like chains or fur bracelets emphasizing the model’s fragile vulnerability. There were also asymmetry, translucent and velvet fabrics and provocative bold cuts.
Consistent elegance expressed with simplicity and accuracy was the feature of the show by ISABEL GARCIA. This collection was a true berry cocktail. It started with embroidered rowanberries on formal suits and was followed by cranberry romantic A-line chiffon dresses. The final accord were clingy blackberry milk dresses and streamy skirts with cascade flounces.
All the collection by Bella Potemkina was made of Kanecaron modacrylic fibers that are used to make high quality eco-fur. The colors were bright and various – fuchsia and purple accompanied classic black and white, and the brand hero was bold, brave and ready to experiment. All images demonstrated deliberate negligence, easiness, sexuality and gloss. Cut-offs, bodysuits, over-knee boots, enameled leather, paillettes and double-breasted dresses – no superstitions, only bold visualization.
During Kazakhstan Fashion Week four brands presented their collections. The show started with evening gowns by AELITA. Besides relevant powdery, classic black and white colors there was languid raspberry. Multilayer flounces, trumpet and veiling skirts were a tribute to tendencies, whereas the brand surprised the audience with the variety of sleeve models and stunning corsets.
Minimalism, comfort and color coding are three pillars supporting the philosophy of DiSiitova. Pastel and sandy shades contrasted black and dark blue denim. Regular and pinafore dresses, overcoats and waist bags added new colorful layers and made complicated ensembles of simple elements. To go out in the evening the designer offered paillette dresses with slashed sleeves.
The collection by LIBАS Atelier celebrated youth and feminine charm. Fine organza dresses were covered with multiple flounces and drapes transforming into flowers and bouquets. The color palette repeated the ambience: brightness of fresh greens, transparency of brooks, first twilight shades.
ZHEREBTSOV presented bright street-style images, both brutal and dramatic. Metal was the main motive – clutch bags had chain handles, large studs decorated coat sleeves, shorts and knee-high socks. Metal elements contrasted red checked fabric and tie-dye denim. The designer used the classic epatage approaches like enlarged shoulders, guys dressed in fur coats and yellow shirts, zebrine trouser stripes.
In the presentation corner F.GENE, the St. Petersburg brand,demonstrated its hand-made eco-leather bags for tablets and notebooks. Light backpacks, shoulder bags and clutch bags were decorated with animalistic and geometric prints. In the brand’s Web-site the designer offers to make a personalized bag online – you can choose the length of handles, the color, the shape and the decorations.