The final day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia started with a fashion show by H.A.R.D 3.0. ZAVTRA CLUB. H.A.R.D 3.0. ZAVTRA CLUB brand brings together a group of students of Art and Design School laboratory of the National Research Center (Higher School of Economics). For the Fall/Winter season they presented their interpretations of the future of fashion. ZAVTRA CLUB is a joint runway show where each participant shares common style features. The students showcased their ability…

CIAO it's me! Instituto Europeo di Design Graduate Fashion Show consisted of two parts. The first was all about the ultra modern grunge, a manifest of rebellious spirits. It was about complicated, vivid and asymmetrical feminine images of black and dimmed asphalt colors. The second part featured bright colors, being the positive yet no less rebellious one. The runway say creative t-shirts with the sickle and hammer emblem, men wearing skirts (as an expression of gratitude to the Scottish traditions), as well as a piece of beachwear, a black bikini combined with high knee socks.
Next was The Moscow Fashion Show by Instituto Maragoni's School Of Fashion, Art & Design. VLADISLAV KRIVDIN is all about precise lines and bright highlights. MARNINA MICCI showcased tight lacework clothes, free shapes and easy-to-perceive feeling. TEMILAYO SUBAIR's collection is shrouded it mysterious forest themes. The collection is based on complicated images of natural shades –colors intrinsic to green leaves, wood, as well as shades of orange and grey. LILLA KIRILLA MOLVAN presented to the public her set of precise lines and clear silhouettes featuring leather biker jackets, straight midi skirts and strict hair styles. In her collection the designed relied upon fiery colors from deep yellow, red to coal grey and black. TUGBA AK is a mainly men's denim line of clothing. Vibrant green, pink, orange and yellow details serve as highlights. A collection presented by designer PRAEPLOY SOOKSAWEE expressed the fantasy side of clothing and a combination of femininity features. The runway saw мшщдуе dresses with a gradient to lilac, deep purple, pink and the softest lacework skirts and noble blouses. The catwalk was dominated with harmony and stylish beauty.
The day finished with a show by Slava Zaitsev’s Fasion Laboratory. In her collection GALINA BIRYUKOVA implemented elements of hoslters by using leather details and embroidery, combining all of that with a tinge of fatality added to tantalizing tenderness. DARIA KOZHINA got her inspiration from lava and lightning combining veiling and leather, dimmed shades with the bright ones, grunge with sport luxury.  IRINA KRYUCHKOVA named her collection XXI century Cinderella to feature flirtations silhouettes, blackened gold, lacework and velvet capes. MIKHAILOV ALEKSEI's City Smart Dresser collection showcased freedom in comfort by choosing trousers with deep pleats, cosy short overcoats and scarves. BARBARA PLAVINSKY told a story of individual things that reflect elegance and uniqueness of their owners. NIKA SHABASHOVA presented her All That Is Mine With Me All The Time collection defined by easy fit, multi layer structure and a great variety of details.
 Presentation Box showcased an installation by 4BID — Four Body Influenced Designers.  Young designers and engineers joined their forces to translate the codes of our body in the language of fashion. The pattern of the iris, fingerprints and an encephalograph can become a print for a dress or help create a shape for accessorize. This will make it possible to take the design to a new level of individualization. Graphic interpretation of emotions will help make clothes that would bear additional symbolic meanings.
Rippling floor-length dresses decorated with beads and embroidery, slim fit tops and soft pastel palette were characteristic of Firdaws runway show that was staged separately at the Petroff Palace. Refined silhouettes and silk kerchiefs decorated with lacework highlighted the chastity and kingliness of the images presented.