On April 1, 2017 Anastasia Dokuchaeva, IANIS CHAMALIDY, VIKKI, IGOR GULYAEV and the winners of magazine's contest New Names in Design 2017 presented their collections in the very center of Russia's cultural capital, Saint Petersburg, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg held at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

On April 1, 2017 Anastasia Dokuchaeva, IANIS CHAMALIDY, VIKKI, IGOR GULYAEV and the winners of magazine's contest New Names in Design 2017 presented their collections in the very center of Russia's cultural capital, Saint Petersburg, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg held at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

Anastasia Dokuchaeva is a young St. Petersburg brand which aims its philosophy at creating a wow effect. Anastasia showcased the collection presented at the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. For the MBFashionDay runway show Anastasia stylized her collection for the St. Petersburg audience. The collection featured metallic shades in gold, silver and orange capes, jackets, vests and trousers, paillette clothing and fringed bombers. The collection, which featured diverse color palette, also brought together a great number of prints that were dominated by flower themes. Some looks by Anastasia Dokuchaeva showcased flowing ribbons, one of the main trends of the coming season. The catwalk saw jackets with intentionally exaggerated shoulder line and velvet suits. One of the brightest runway looks was presented by the show's stylist who flaunted shimmering high-heeled sandals.

EMANATIO CREATURAE, a new collection by Ianis Chamalidy, was inspired by the Renaissance. Designer combined cutting edge materials and technology with traditional techniques of the epochs past. This season IANIS CHAMALIDY's basic black and white palette was enhanced by noble red and burgundy. Multilayerness, oversize, asymmetry, flowing ribbons, trousers with leather details, corsets with lace and three-piece suits were showcased on the runway. Berets designed to resemble the headwear of the era were combined with modern sweatshirts, bombers, capes and parkas to create an image of artists at work. Lacework elements were visible both in women and men's wear, while designer's long and flamboyant dresses, which were on display at the end of the show, seemed to take the guests to the remote times of magnificent royal events.

VIKKI had its second appearance at the MBFashionDay presenting its collection. This time brands continues implementing new technology, as multicomponent silicone was used  in production of the most part of the collection, which enabled the brand to change the texture of the fabric and as well as print on it. Bright coral fur coat with silicone pockets is only one of the looks of the collection. VIKKI's collection employs designer prints based on graphic interpretation of a bird in flight. The runway saw light, flowing dresses, shirts and sport suits made of silk.  The collection also features hooded bombers and capes. Silicon bright pink choker necklaces, bracelets and waist belts were used as accessorize.

During the show presented by the winners of magazine's New Names in Design 2017 contest conducted in cooperation with the Russian Fashion Council Alisa Gagarina showcased her debut couture collection featuring flamboyant golden dresses that were seamlessly complimented by face masks, pompous dresses made of gold feathers and accessorize, all to create phoenix-like images for the models. Dress Up Hero featured military style clothing on the runway, namely checkered coats and bombers, some items were enhanced by red inlay stripes. LOH Apparel (Minsk) created a symbiosis of classic shirt and sport pants, sweatshirt and transparent leggings, a football club t-shirt unexpectedly turned into a skirt and accessorize in the form of cellophane bags that empowered the style of the show. Amplituda is avant-garde fashion and accessorize.  Among the highlights of the runway show were black rain cape, corsets, red cannon masks made of feathers and geometrical masks seemed to be composed from tubes.

Anna Polyakova (Krasnoyarsk) presented her White Noise collection. The name speaks for itself. Light white clothes composed from various textures were on display highlighting chunky knit clothing as well as web knitting and meringue organza dresses. The event also showcased coats by Olga Chernoschekova made of fabrics of different textures, exemplified by a mix of colored fur and wool, fur and neoprene or veiling with designer's signature printed inscriptions. PSSP, inspired by the design of Scandinavian costume presented its Northern Atlas collection. The show displayed affordable items with the basic colors of the collection being black, grey and red. Short dresses and flared skirts along with sack dresses could be observed. Fur mittens were adding their tinge to the looks of the models, as being the key element of the UMI (Georgia) collection. The line is characterized by deep red as a revolutionary direction symbol, as well as by deep black and blue combined by the designer who employs geometrical figures and contrasting fabrics in one single image.  Natasha Timofeeva (Rostov) showcased dresses that seemed to be created for porcelain dolls, as well as velvet coats with signature print. Ladygina displayed minimalistic body-color clothing. 

IGOR GULYAEV show started the federal educational contest for talented children and teenagers as part of the Generation M creative charitable contest organized by MTS, the fashion division of which is held in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. During that round of the contest young designers in five cities, which are Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg, will have a chance to meet in person with Russia's leading designers, including Igor Gulyaev, will have their creative works evaluated and will attend professional runway shows. The round will enhance the main online program of Generation M fashion division: during that all-Russia contest children from every corner of the country can upload at their own sketches of a dress for Polina Gagarina, who is one of the project's masters of vocals. The top three of the contestants will have a unique opportunity to create their own collection under the guidance from Igor Gulyaev, Dasha Gauser and Vyaсheslav Zaitsev and present it on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in October of 2017.

The catwalk featured a presentation of Triple Nine, a new collection by IGOR GULYAEV. A total of 100 looks that differed completely from the previous creations of the designer were showcased. Philipp Kirkorov opened the IGOR GULYAEV show dressed in clothing specially made by the designer for the star's anniversary.  VLASSIMO BY IGOR GULYAEV capsule collection was also showcased to present the stage looks created especially for Philipp Kirkorov. The main collection also featured golden clothes, colored furs, leather jackets, knitted items, oversize, stylish spacious backpacks.  The images of the models were enhanced by luxurious hats, yokes and top hats. The designer follows the trend of mixing arts and technology. The models walked out from set design resembling bank safety deposits while the runway was decorated by gigantic gold bars. In a separate corner footwear by Massimo Renne by IGOR GULYAEV, which soon will be put on sale, was presented.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day St. Petersburg featured a presentation of the new E-Class Coupé. With expressive Coupé proportions, sensual design and long-distance comfort for four people, the new E-Class Coupé features both the beauty and classic virtues of a grand tourer with state-of-the-art technology. It also offers the intelligence of the E-Class family with full smartphone integration, Widescreen Cockpit and the latest driver assistance systems with the option of, among other features, partially automated driving. Powerful engines with low exhaust emissions and comfortable suspensions with selective damping provide the guarantee of a sporty and agile driving experience.