MBFW RUSSIA /October 25, 2017 / Moscow. Day Five.

This day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia marked the final shows at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. On October 26, the events of MBFW Russia will be held at the Museum of Moscow, where the new generation of Moscow fashion designers will showcase their collections. The Museum of Moscow and Moscow Museum of Fashion will present a display and presentation of twenty emerging Moscow designers and artists. More on that will be tomorrow, and now we will elaborate on the events that…

Collective show: Made in Russia

The fifth day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia was inaugurated by Made in Russia collective fashion show. 11 brands, among which were ANSEL, Morkovka, Elmira Markes, ZIGA, D’ulat by Liliya Palyunina, eLSi, Double you, Black Cardina, Yes. I would, Tasha Martens and Ligvianni, presented their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. Summer tunics and baby doll dress for mummies-to-be along with men's fashion were on display. Designers came up with the idea to combine elongated hoodies with transparent over-the-knee boots, light lacework dresses with coarse boots. Outwear featured long coats, bomber jackets, light jackets and leather jackets. The catwalk also saw a presentation of a collection showcasing various cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The color palette was ranging from neutral pastel shades to bright red, magenta and sky-blue.

Show of the best graduation works of the Clothing Design contest by the British Higher School of Art And Design

SUPRUN (Olga Suprun) - MERÉ (Maria Rafikova). Colors: contrast black and white, somber grey, trend in palette: burgundy, powdery, fuchsia, vibrant emerald. A turban made by 3D printing was a highlight of the collection, while trouser stripes, velvet over-the-knee boots and transparent net are certainly the must have of the future season.

MICROCOSM (Olga Ivanova) showcased the 21st century femininity with the gleaming milk organza, transparent netlike pencil dress with accentuated waistline, somber grey, sand color and shades of pink. Among accessories were short stocking boots coming in silver metallic palette and thick emerald tights.

The new collection by Secret Garden (Nina Samokhina) was filled with classics: pant suits and turtlenecks, miniskirts and over-the-knee boots. Colors are blue, khaki, beige and burgundy. Fabrics: velvet, tweed. Accessories: spacious leather brief cases and square gasses. The quilted Bologna coat of somber blue shade with thin nude belt should be also noted.

White Willow (Dinara Khusaenova) and FOU (Anastasia Kolesnikova) collections featured combinations of blue, black, sky-blue with lemon, coral, powdery shades. In clothing classic shapes (straight pants, trenches, pencil dresses), abundance of voluptuous pleats and ruffles were dominating the collection to achieve the "diversity of shapes while on the move". The tandem of men's (glitter undercoat, slashed pants) and women's (milk-colored blouse with pleated basque and pencil skirt) looks reminded of the wedding suits typical of the late 20th century.

A collection by HABIZHEN (Lyalya Shatalo) featured 6 men's avant-garde combinations: ethnical-themed slim fit top, pressed leather suit, patent-leather moss green coat, high rubber boots with classic bomber jackets, belt bags and pant suits.

pRASOL (Maria Prasol) and VIDEVESTE (Svetlana Dokukina) were marked by laconic styles and somber colors (grey and blue). A helmet made of rainwear fabric and a moss green puffer vest, an elastic helmet and thick fuchsia tights were among the highlights.

Nashe brand (Timur Kratkov and Olga Chelyapova) showed asexual men's looks with cotton combinations, asymmetrical cut, single shoes and somber colors.

BA(HONS) Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Show by the British Higher School of Art And Design featured the best graduates' collections created under the guidelines their mentor, Claire Lopeman. 9 graduates of 2017, namely Anastasia Pavlovich, Nina Veresova, Emilia Tokareva, Uliana Nekrasova, Yulia Ivanova, Lina Buksdorf, Zlata Belokobylskaya, Ksenia Dorogovaya and Teimina Pogosyan presented their looks for Spring/Summer 2018. Oilskin cloaks and dresses, neon multilayered dresses, loose lama imitation fur coats, tinfoil dresses with trumpery and shoes made of bags. The collection also featured all kinds of textures and vibrant colors: from neon green to pastel powdery. The fabrics also came in great assortment: jacquard, wool, boiled leather, felt cloth, linen and even recycled materials the gathering of which does not require any special skills or tools.


The SENSUS COUTURE show featured Total collection presented in aggressive military style performance. A walk by a model wearing one-shoulder chiffon dress with a heart with shining sequin marked the support for the Russian Designers against AIDS initiative. The constant colors of the collection, which are beige, golden and black, were visible in sequin, glitter, organza and nets. Among the highlights were the khaki reefing jacket with velvet turnover collar and golden buttons, red coat with glitter appliqué on the back and the transparent lacework combination. Details featured puffed sleeves, red and beige flounces, asymmetrical cut, red pant stripes, flared garments and thick white tights. MUAH: smoky eyes, bight lips, sparkles in hairstyles.


The catwalk showcased relaxed fit dresses and combinations, tunics with stand up collar and open shoulder, long down jackets, signature fur coat with flower print and puffed jackets with a ZA_ZA BOSS inscription. The looks came in bright red, blue and yellow, as well as in neutral beige, emerald, white and black.



Geometric collection from KSENIASERAYA brand is the result of fusion of Oriental themes and traditional crochet techniques. The designer uses simple fabrics: viscose, cotton, monofilament yarn. The collection featured: orange shirt with a tail of gradient mesh, beige one-shoulder tunic with orange and blue stripes for men; and milky dress with V-neck and fringe on the hem, pale-pink two-piece suit (crop top and high-waist trousers) for women; pumps from different pairs and Oxfords as accessories. Models walked the runway with the winges.

The first look was to support the project Russian Designers against AIDS.


Brand established by two sisters - Gvantsa Macharashvili & Nina Macharashvili, made a stake on glittering elements. Models hit the runway in floor-length lingerie dresses, flared mesh dress, checked coat, jacket with flared sleeves, pants with sequin fringe, semi-transparent dress embroidered with large heart-shaped spangles and patent leather costume. Single-color garments interchanged with floral prints made of beads and sequin. The color palette featured creamy, red, violet, dark-blue and black. The looks were complimented by square and round bags with round steel handles and designer's footwear - open toe heels, boots and mule shoes.


Fashion show from ALEXANDR ROGOV was a parade of season's trends but in brand's DNA style: designer played with sporty chic, verticals stripes, asymmetric cuts in basic garments adding some eclectic accessories. Powdery silk was employed in midi skirt with a basque and cropped pants with piping. Pencil skirt, top with lengthy back, high vent dress, all were made of striped silk. Among other highlights were a jumpsuit, a jacket, pleated skirt with collection's print (white, red, rose flowers on minty green background); total denim look - glittering jacket and jeans plus lavender top with lengthy front element. Trend in pallet (fuchsia and red) were on a neck scarf and turtleneck top. Accessories featured branded elastic bands (on the belt, head and neck), patches (fire and heart), embroideries "LHOAVTEE" (a combination of LOVE and HATE), metallic pumps, cropped stockings boots.


In Season Spring/Summer 2018 IVKA brand chose to go along with the concept of the brand and presented minimalistic collection. Over-size garments, complexly cut and tailored, were in the basics of the collection. Black and white check rarely highlighted the catwalk on the background of mono-colored attire. The collection featured numerous midi, mini and maxi dresses, loose flared pants combined with a basque, two-piece suits with shorts and maxi skirts. The employed color palette focused on black, green, creamy, powder, mustard brown and white. DNA of the brand is minimalism, complex cut, unbelievable combinations of colors and textures.




Igor Gulyaev's brand demonstrated the trends of the fall fashion week in the spirit of elegant perfectionism. Classic models of skirts, dresses, blouses and trenches in black, eggplant black, pale-pink and grey were well balanced with fringe, feathers and fur underlining brand's identity. Among the highlights were transparent culottes with beads and black turn-ups, grey sequin dress with organza flounces on the hem, fur double-colored (grey and powder) manteua atop the silk blouse and transparent pencil skirt with patch pockets. Black and white stripe and female silhouettes were employed as prints. Every look was complimented with a headwear designed in signature style of the Fashion House. Accessories featured cigarette holders, fur bags and capes, neck scarves, large necklaces with feathers and spheres; along with colored dense and mesh tights, leather over-the-knee boots and spike heels. Audience of the fashion show could enjoy the surroundings of silent cinema: models showcased clothing playfully dancing while guys in mono-colored pants and turtle-neck tops admired girls' beauty. After models walked final runway, guests of MBFW Russia were invited to the catwalk to take part in the silent cinema from the Fashion House IGOR GULYAEV.