27 March presentations: Ko.Jewelry и Arctic Explorer

Jewelry brand Ko.Jewelry and Arctic Explorer by Ksenia Chilingarova presentation.


Jewelry brand Ko.Jewelry presentation was held this year during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Every item is made of silver of 925 trial with essential stones and cube circtones. All items look serioiusly but thanks to a low cost their price stays available. «Our clients sometimes cannot distinguish our brand’s items of real diamants, – comments the founder of Ko.Jewelry Olga Kenigson. – Our aim is to create the items of high quality materials qnd qualified work but as well to keep it available for people ».


Artic Explorer

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia there was a presentation of a new collection fall-winter/2014-2015 of a brand Arctic Explorer. A wide range of winter jackets that the brand specializes in was presented here, as well as two new models of jackets – male and female version of a winter jacket pilot, famous for keeping you warm even if the temperature is lower than 35.

Ksenia Chilingarova, the founder of Artic Explorer, commented her collection: «Our items differ, first of all because they are comfortable. We don’t change the model range, we just add new colors. This year we add a new shade – ultramarine and khaki for jackets, and as for vests these are yellow and blue. Besides, for the first time we introduce the collection of striped vests. We decided to make an ice-boat our symbol, as it is typical for our country. We printed it on the sailor’s vest and varied the colors: red, blue and black».