У Юли Карченковой и Маргариты Быковской - опять про танцы, шоу и детей. У Кати Сидельниковой - про тяжелую готику, которая глазами наших дизайнеров задержалась в каком-то одном времени и пространстве. У Кати Васильевой есть формы и элементы. Тут не просто эффекты, тут есть мысль, ощущение времени и поиск. Гера Скандал. Одно имя чего стоит.

CONTRFASHION is another alliance of young designers. Such shows are longed for with a particular tremor and hope: maybe this is the very time when a star will be born?! But it turned out that Julia Karchenkova’s and Margarita Bykovskaya’s collections were about children, dances and shows once again. Katya Sidelnikova’s collection’s background is gothics which through the eyes of our designers is delayed in the same period of time and space. Katya Vasiljeva has her own shapes and elements. Apart from effects, the collections contains an idea, there is a scent of time and an artistic pursuit. Gera Scandal. The name alone is worth much. That is why people were expecting a scandal but in fact they saw fur cloaks, flower prints and nude male body. The collection of Taya Dodina together with the laser show was very welcome by the audience.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Russia – is a very generous organization.

Revieew by Natalia Turovnikova