Elena Mc.Sudy for Borodulin's Project and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia - Intimate Talk about Fashion

Exclusive interview with Elena Mc.Sudy in special project Intimate Talk about Fashion. She is extravagant, often spontaneous, but always direct and on-the-fly. Elena writes the blog Fashion Madness by Elena Mc.Sudy.

Exclusive interview with Elena Mc.Sudy in special project Intimate Talk about Fashion.

She is extravagant, often spontaneous, but always direct and on-the-fly. Elena writes the blog Fashion Madness by Elena Mc.Sudy.



- When did you realize that you are you going to be a fashion-blogger? Or you had this dream since you were small?
- Actually, at first I did not want to be a blogger! I wanted to work in PR in fashion industry. That's it. Gradually I got involved into this process, which I prefer calling amateur journalism rather than this foreign word - blogging. Apart from the fact that my blog is to a certain degree I, myself, there is also excitement - traffic hunt. I always filter content and analyse every publication on the subject of its usability. If nobody reads your blog, it's absolutely pointless, but you spend so much time.

- What element of wardrobe do you associate yourself with?
- A bag, definitely not a clutch that can only hold a cell phone, and not oversize. A bag that can hold everything a girl needs to feel good and confident during a day.

- Which world Fashion House or brand is the mark of the good taste, I am talking about western brands now?
- It would be PRADA.

- Would you like to walk the runway as a model?
- Maybe!

- Are you planning or dreaming of launching your own brand? If yes, what would it be like?
- I have always been a creative child. My grandma taught me hot to knit, she gave me several lessons. Later I started designing dresses, costumes, boots, bags and hats for dolls. Then I sometimes sewn clothes for myself with Burda patterns. Now I frequently upgrade ready-made clothes that I grew tired of, especially accessories. So, if I got the chance to create my own brand, it would most probably be accessories and jewellery. But fortunately, currently there are so many talented designers working in different styles and designing, literally, everything one can imagine. It is no challenge to find something you really want, the hardest part is to choose! That is why I would prefer my own marketing agency that would specialize in fashion. In general, I think that everyone should stick to his or her own business, to something that one is really good at.

- Do you remember your first time at the fashion show? What were your feelings?
- The first time I got the chance to go to a Fashion Week was when I worked as PR Director at the furniture company and I arranged presence of our company on cross-promotion terms. It was a very interesting and unusual project. This was my first time at the fashion show. It was very exciting, of course, because one way of another fashion had always been an important part of my life. After that project, I had the first thought about working in fashion.

- Is it interesting to communicate with designers directly and what complications do you come across?
- Of course, it is interesting. I enjoying communicating with people and I am always interested to get to know better the designer whose collections I adore. New collections, styles, trends are widely covered in media, while in my interviews, apart from the general information, I try to get to the personality of the designer. I am trying to explain to my readers why I particularly like this or that Russian brand. The complicated thing here is that that there are very few designers who are open for communication with bloggers and in general go for any communication. It is really sad when sometimes my actions are sincere and I want to promote this or that Russian designer but I bump into a wall of indifference and even rudeness sometimes.

- What fashion show left the most negative impression and, on the contrary, which one was the most inspiring?
- Every season has very interesting shows. Some collections impress by garments, some have impressive shows, and some amaze by the harmony of the first and the second, every season has something extremely attractive. From the point of view of creative features, I am always impressed by the fashion shows of Tatyana Parfyonova. I don't really remember negatively shocking shows if only mediocre collections and 'raw' ones.

- How would you describe your style?
- It's hard to say, I never stand still and get stuck in one and the same style. The only rule is that I never go into extremes. Everything should be balanced if you want to be in trend.

- Who do you enjoy writing about more - about Western or about Russian designers?
- About Russian. I guess I'm a patriot of my country, and in spite of everything I believe in Russian fashion and that is why 90% of my content is devoted to Russian designers.

- Blogging is your vocation, profession or meaning of life?
- My vocation is PR. It was a long way regardless of all the life and professional circumstances. Only my self-belief and extreme desire to enjoy work helped me to leave the hated work despite the fact that I
already had two profession-oriented degrees and a five-year working experience. In my case, fashion-blog is the way to make a statement.

- How would you describe the perspectives of Russian fashion industry? What is happening and what is the future, in your opinion?
- On industrial level, I think, that Russian fashion is developing and going in upward direction, but very slowly. Speaking about some particular brands, I think our designers should give more attention to marketing strategy and PR promotion. Sometimes the approach is shallow and unprofessional. In most cases everyone thinks about instant profit and do not care about the next day. That is why we have so few brands with the history.

- What is your favourite colour?
- White.

- What is your guide when choosing outfit?
- I am a shopaholic and listen to my heart! But when I have no more space in the wardrobe I am only guided by the fact - 'where am I going to put this next dress?!'

- What are the key points of blogger's profession?
- To understand your goals just like in any other field.

- What advice would you give to Russian designers?
- To give more credit to marketing.

- What is your ultimate and cherished fashion-dream?
- I am a professional PR manager that is why work in my dear fashion industry is the goal.

- What do you think is the role of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia for Russian fashion industry?
- In my opinion, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is an important part of Russian fashion industry as it gives opportunities to young talented designers, who can thus deliver their design to interested audience. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is also practically one and only source where you can get information about what is going on in Russian world of fashion, it is there one can meet real professional designers.