Junior class uniform

Slava Zaitsev, Ольга Киселенко, Tegin, Полина Голубь, Анна Арбенина, NL-STYLE, Marina Makaron, Sabina Gorelik, Екатерина Волкова, Lena Trotsko, Дизайн-бюро SUDARIANTO, «For you» (Yulia Karchenkova&Margarita Bykovskaya), mama non stop, ZA SPORT

 Junior class uniform

Slava Zaitsev
The show started with designer Slava Saitsev with two girl's uniform variants. The uniform us made in deep blue: bell formed skirts and knitted sweaters with buttons, interesting elements like black-and-red side work of the vest or hats were added to the costume.

Olga Khiselenkho
A strict dark checked costume both for boys and girls, the only difference is in skirt.
Graffed golden buttons are the only decoration in Olga's items

Svetlana Tegin presented a little checked dress for the girls and an elegant black suit with a checked kerchief for the boys. Simple clothed that would not disturb from classes.

Polina Golub
The designer created a joyful mini-collection with the deminant vinous and orange. The bright element became the Scottish "kilt" giving the elegant European air to the look

Anna Arbenina
Boy's uniform, presented by Anna Arbenina, included grey checked trousers and a suit with side pockets and upper inner seams. The girls look included a jacket with a pink belt and trapped skirt.

Fashion House «NL-STYLE» created a school uniform in grey-and-brown spectrum. bright salad-green shirts matched the checked suit in the same shades.

Marina Makaron
Shortened trousers and elegant simple dress by Marina Macaron was added by some original accessories like stripped bow-tie or a flower brooch with a pearl bead in the middle .

Sabina Gorelik

The kids demonstrating the uniform by Sabina Gorelik, made a small performance on the catwalk. It's aim was to demonstrate the sophisticated cut of the skirt, the inner side of which mad a multiplication table. As for the boys fashion accessorize, the designer used the braces.

Ekaterina Volkova
The designer demonstrated a uniform in sport style. The girl was wearing dark blue apron dress and the boy - long shorts of the same spectrum.

Lena Trotsko
The main peculiarity of Lena Trotsko collection was a deep-green jacket for a girl and checked red-and-white bomber for a boy. Upper costume's elements along with the classical trousers and a straight skirts created a modern stylish look.

Design buro SUDARIANTO
The designers took a striped pastel stockinet sweater as a basis, it was the addition to classical costumes and little black dresses for the junior classes.

«For you» (Yulia Karchenkova&Margarita Bykovskaya)
Beige jackets and suits along with dark brown skirts and trousers by «For you» – calm and work-inspiring spectrum was the main feature

mama non stop
brand mama non stop created the collection for little fashion-addicts. Elegant black dress with a lacy collar, bead-embroidered, and dark blue trouser suit detached with red and a neck kerchief – a reserved chic far front the kitch along with comfort and functionality.


Brand designers ZA SPORT presented a simple but interesting costume, with the proper spectrum accents. Red-and-white pullover for a boy along with a monotonous coat and a graceful French beret-hat was a hit.