School uniform for middle classes

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 School uniform for middle classes

Once more Russian Fashion maitre started the show. Clothing by SLAVA ZAITSEV is known for grace and reserved elegance. 6costume variants were presented for middle classes. The were all fulfilled in red and blue spectrum with the original elements: colorful hats and contrast tights.

Ekaterina Lukshina
The designer presented the uniform in grey shades. The folded dress with a thin sweater. Male cardigan with classic trousers. The designer proved that the clothing can be both comfortable and stylish.


Fashion House «NL-STYLE» created a uniform in deep-blue. Looks by «NL-STYLE» are know to be casual and simply cut. On the catwalk there were vertical stripped suits along with denim trousers and folded skirt.


The main peculiarity of TEGIN – is a passion for classics. Checked skirts together with the suits and tight with neck kerchiefs.

Katty Gift
The brand Katty Gift presented a brown checked form of thin wool. The bombers with ginger inserts and orange skirts – bright accents are designer's favorites.

Polina Golub
School uniform by Polina Golub was in bright colors deep-green and purple. Long shirt-dress in hippy style and classical green trousers, added with emerald vests, it was all quiet stylish, especially with lattun buttons.

Design buro
One more time they used a stripped sweater as a basis added by pale grey bombers, volume skirts and pensil-grey trousers.

The brand MAMANONSTOP presented interesting sport chic looks. grey jackets along with red-and-white detachment and a scarlet skirt with long shorts make the form suitable both for the school and for the walk in the park.

Ekaterina Volkova
The designer demonstrated the form in light blue. Blue and checked cardigans are added with the school emblems in best traditions of Ivy League.

Marina Gushchina
Red is the main accent. Bright straight dress and classical doubled suit comes together with white shirts and create an amazing school look .

Olga Khisilenkho
high waist dresses, classical white collar and massive golden buttons make the uniform graceful and stylish.

Lena Karnaukhova
The designer presented two looks in black with interesting asymmetrical folds on the shoulders. Traditional black boy's costume is for all times

Classical costume workshop
The designers created a uniform with deep blue velvet inserts. A classical suit and a jacket with thin red inserts seemed strict but fashionable. Looks we're added by a bell-formed black skirt and classical black trousers.

Brand ZA SPORT presented an interesting variant, reminding of their junior variant. Coats of red and deep blue, scarlet beret and emerald inserts