First person narration

Chief editors of leading fashion magazines named strong and weak sides of Russian fashion, exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Their opinion are of a great importance in a world of fashion.

Managing editors of Russian leading fashion magazines share their ideas about advantages and disadvantages of national fashion today within Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. It’s important to defer to their opinion as they have a great influence.


Daria Veledeeva, Harper’s Bazaar, managing editor.

Recently Russian fashion has been developing very fast and makes eye- opening progress on the global stage. The matter is young Russian designers have ceased holding to Mс Queen and Galliano fashion line and start thinking about identification of newly brands and some special things that would hook up fashionmongers. They have added humor to their collections and started to consider critics bringing back to such prosaic things as manufacturing. Fashion editors, to their turn, started to follow and promote this process, because 5 years ago, to tell you the truth, there was no sense to promote “designer of one collection” who never met their obligations and didn’t support their team. Nowadays it’s a little bit easier to work with young people as everybody starts to realize that there might not be another chance. My main advice to designer who starts his career is not to discover the continents again, but apply for practical training in famous fashion houses such as Alena Akhmadulina whose showing I would never miss. This year she celebrates 13th anniversary of her brand, what means a lot.


Alena Peneva, Grazia Russia, managing editor.

These days there are a lot of talented designers in Russia. Newcomers though face many obstacles. Surely they have a talent and an idea, but there is no financial support at all. That is why Grazia magazine holds a competition this year for young designers in order to support them. As for popular designers, they have their successful way on. They of course also have their hardness: delivery terms, manufacture. I think our designers should stop being “small -town” and enter the international stage. Alena Akhmadulina and Vika Gazinskaya are the great examples!


Tatiana Maximova, Collezioni Russia, managing editor.

The most positive thing about Russian fashion today is recently there have been a lot of young talented designers. Our magazine has its monthly column “New names” devoted to young ambitious designers and we always have something to write. Our latest findings are Vika Julia, Olga Shurygina (Cap America brand) and Genya Kim. I’m pleased to note that Russian designers have become more welcomed abroad. For example, I consider Vika Gazinskaya’s collection for & Other stories brand to be a great success. As for drawbacks in Russian fashion, they stay the same as 5 or 10 years ago. Unfortunately we still don’t have any industry:such as production of fabrics or workshops. Talented designers have to sew their collection by themselves and it surely affects the quality of the clothes. In order to have a benefit they have to set a high price for their collection that doesn’t encourage customers to buy the product. But I repeat, I consider Russian fashion today to be successful after all. For example, I always take some clothes of Russian designers to Fashion Weeks in Milan or Paris and I’m proud to state that I wear clothes produced in Russia.


Yrate Guruskaite, InStyle , managing editor.

It’s a high time for Russian designers nowadays. Ruble is not the only thing that matters; it has an influence on price increase for imported fabrics, different services, energy resources and final good. It’s all quite obvious within the current economic situation. There appear a lot of new young designers. There is an army of designers: here is a wealthy nice woman who seeks for meaning of life, and here are vivid smart young people with education and without from both remote and closer regions who are ready to work for Russian fashion industry. The national fashion stage is getting narrowed. There is a time for so called natural selection. Some people, by the way, who noticed how Ministry of Light Industry showed an interest to Fashion week last year, hope for a better support, but it’s likely to be a long- term perspective. These days everybody will survive by himself. By the way we are used to such things.