Senior school uniform

Daria Bardeeva, Maria Golubeva, Ольга Бровкина, LEONID ALEXEEV, МАРИНА МАКАРОН, ZA SPORT, Николай Красников, PURE VINNIE, Марина Гущина, Анна Арбелина, Татьяна Сулимина, MAMANONSTOP, Дом Моды «NL-STYLE», Igor York.

 Senior school uniform

Nikolay Krasnikov
The designer presented the variants in deep-blue. Typical suits with big silver buttons : body conscience - for the girls – and with square callers for the boys. Strict costumes were added by the shirts detached with prints.

Maria Golubeva
Maria as well turned to noble blue, the most popular uniform color. Classical suits, grey straight trousers and pencil-grey skirts. Nothing else, distracting from the studies.

Tatiana Sulimina
In her work Tatiana refuse the habitual black or blue spectrum, she created sweaters and suits in dark purple. skirts of chocolate shade and a leather backpack as the accessory created a pleasant look.

An interesting designers idea of MAMANONSTOP was «the marine inserts» –narrow blue stripes. Girls were offered an elegant midi-dress with low waist instead of traditional suit-skirt.

The designer used a popular neoprene while creating the costumes. Classical costumes of deep grey with surprising details as neon-yellow zippers and the rain-jackets instead of traditional suits. it's a new point of view on school fashion.

Marina Gushchina
The main designer's color is deep green. Square pockets, where the school emblem is placed, golden buttons and a short bell-formed mini-skirt - a bright and dynamic look, reminding a typical European uniform for students.

The designer appeared to be strictly conservative. No details or decorations – just strict dabble suits of deep grey, straight lines and simple cut.

Designers of the brand PURE VINNIE were apparently inspired by the female characters of english novels. Long skirt, volume sleeves, bow-formed collars – extremely female and graceful look, doubtly functional. As for the boys, the form by PURE VINNIE included a vest, classical trousers and a skirt with short sleeves

Anna Arbelina
The designer created one of the most unusual school uniforms. Long suits, long skirts of swampy green and asymmetrical jackets for girls with deep red stripes. The male suits are detached as well and it gives a fresh look

Olga Brovkina
While creating Olga refused the stereotypes. Simple graceful dresses . The designer showed the way to look stylish and elegant at the same time.

Daria Bardeeva
Daria didn't use the traditional forms and silhouettes. She created a checked creamy-pink dress, that could be changed on a skirt of the same fracture with a shirt.


Brand ZA SPORT created classical looks, brining the new elements: female long vest, cardigan instead of the suit and the shirt contrastly detached – the idea of their uniform can be characterized as «simple but stylish».