Идеальные силуэты, гамма, шикарный крой брюк, смелая интерпретация меха для мужчин. Очень определенная палитра. Мальчики - белые воротнички, работающие спустя рукава. Очень современный образ.

 There is no point for Leonid Alexeev to impress on the world his talent and his thorough knowledge of the trade. Men Fashion is the most complicated sphere of design. Some sort of Saint-Petersburg ephebes walked today the cat-walk of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Perfect silhouettes, range of colors, amazing cut of trousers, a daring interpretation of fur in men outfits. A very defined gamma. Boys are white-collar workers working with the left hand. An extremely modern image. The only thing in question: such a vivid make-up is either an idea for the cat-walk or for life?

Review by Natalia Turovnikova