Teacher's style

Ольга Бровкина, Маша Шароева, BORODULIN'S, Мастерская классического костюма, Николай Красников, Sabina Gorelik PURE VINNIE, KAURTSEVA, Светлана Лялина, Дом Моды «NL-STYLE», Аксессуaры Igor York

 Teacher's style

Sabina Gorelik
The designer presented a ironical modern look: big glasses in a thin frame, classical white shirt and a skirt with a coordinate system print.

High waist dress of thick cloth and a semi-transparent blouse of chiffon– the modern teachers look is far from the stereotypes. In her version «skirt and jacket» has a new life: leather as a main material, asymmetrical basque and a wide belt with metal clips on the waist. «Dusty» blue make the look a bit more official.

Svetlana Lyalina
Elegant strict dress of light pink and a matching tweed jacket. Only the massive brief cases remind of a schoolwork

Nikolay Krasnikov
The designer remembered the male-teachers, presenting a strict cheched costume of chocolate shade with a contrast kerchief. As for the women, he presented a body conscience dress of jersey and a costume of streaming light-grey skirt and a top with midis elbow-long sleeves.

Classical design workshop
Costumes of three with vertical black and grey stripes – elegant classics is suitable for all times, at school as well. Only one costume was different from the traditional look along with a t-shirt and sport shoes.

The designers duet created classical midi-dresses with lacy inserts in décolleté zone, they were presented in two colors: black and creamy. A strict reserved everyday variant.

Fashion house «NL-STYLE»
Ideal Teacher's looks by «NL-Style» means a long v-cut dress, traditional «school» collar variant, covering the throat, white sleeves and a belt, accenting the waist. A surprising variant was a red blouse of atlas with a straight skirt.

Masha Sharoeva
The designer suggested courageous modern looks. Jeans with high waist and a thin grey coat with long sleeves - these are up-to-date teacher's clothes.

Volume blouse of light chiffon with white circled ornament, a long vest with straight trousers and a lilac closed dress – concervative looks for all times and fashion

Olga Brovkina
Dark vinous straight dress, where the only decorations are the ribbons on the sleeves – this is a school teachers's uniform by Olga Brovkina