Five Questions to Maria Didarova, Designer of Ma Ya Brand

New-comer of the 28th Season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, brand Ma Ya, left very nice memories: and not only elegant dresses in Oriental style but also extraordinary fashion show concept. Regular white catwalk transformed into black glossy surface, models walked the runway in almost complete darkness; head wraps and long strings of white pearls became key accessories of the show. Maria Didarova, designer of the brand, told MBFW Russia about philosophy of the brand and how…

Could you explain how you came up with the name of the brand?
Many people think that Ma Ya comes from the name but it does not actually. In Buddhism and Hinduism concept maja is used to signify illusoriness of our world. Our feelings, emotions, thoughts twist and change the reality and prevent us from meeting the eternal 'I'. I find ideas of these philosophies close to my very own and that's why I had no doubt when choosing the name for the brand, hoping that my design will be a small but step forward in human path to meeting 'oneself'.

Please tell a little about the history of the brand and your creative development.
Our brand is quite young. Now we are getting ready for the second show at MBFW Russia Season Spring/Summer 2015. It took us almost one year to create our first collection. For us it was very important to convey the feeling of freedom, lightness and unintentional beauty which are the DNAs of the brand. It was our first meeting with the audience which was very exciting and required efforts on its own.

You collections are full of Indian themes. Application of the elements of eastern culture is on the peak of trend right now, but why India?
Let me say that India is just the first step in the history of development of our brand. I wanted to start with Indian themes, in particular, because both the name and idea of the brand originated in this country. It comes from its philosophy, culture and history. This is definitely not a tribute to fashion, it is simply our Way.

Where can one buy MaYa garments?
In Podium boutiques and also in our show-room.

Do you follow up the work of any other designers? Can you point out someone?
I have always been the great fan of Valentin Yudashkin; for many years I have worked as model in his Fashion House. His works always leave a great impression and the shows are the true feasts.