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Collective show Alta Costura
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Olga Zavgorodnjaja
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AU pair girl Snezhana.NYC
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"Africa Explosion" - Fashion and Design from South Africa
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Anastasia Dokuchaeva

DOKUCHAEVA is a brand created by the designer Anastasia Dokuchaeva, in 2017 announced a partnership with a young businessman Elena Shevtsova, in whose holding already several successful projects (restaurant PESHI, Saratov, salon Sancer). The equal union of Elena and Anastasia affects all aspects: design, fabric and positioning - each DOKUCHAEVA’s line is the result of the joint work of the two partners.

For the designer of brand is important not to burden the created clothing with legends and personal biography. DOKUCHAEVA - is primarily just outfit. Things, the main purpose of which is to make wow-effect and move the person into center of attention forever. The main task of a fan of the brand - consistent with the chosen costume, to maintain the status, create a common legend.


36 building 12, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya st.
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